Audience surveys

Maybe you’ve already found some product ideas, but here you are still reading. And I think it’s because you want more knowledge. I think you know that you’ll still be needing to find more ideas soon. That’s why you want to know where else can you look. I say, that’s a good quality for an entrepreneur. You don’t stop with one or two ideas. You want more so you can grow your business. Now, without further ado, our topic on this post is about “Audience Surveys”. We’ll see how we can find product ideas through it.

Usually, businesses use audience or customer surveys to know how they can serve them well. Basically, it’s a way to create loyal customers and to improve the business. In searching for product ideas, surveys can serve its purpose. Especially because you are asking consumers directly with their interest, needs, challenges, etc. Some surveys even ask for the kind of product a consumer wants. 

Finding a product idea is not just about creating something cool, aesthetic, never been seen, and whatnot. It’s more about solving consumers’ problems, and giving what they need or want presently and in the future. Audience surveys can help you get that information. If you’re sold, then check these tools that can help you run a survey:

Some of these tools are free, and some aren’t. But paid or not, there are pros and cons. It will be your turn to judge which one will work for you best. In my opinion, try to choose something that has more reach, and can help you build the right questions to ask.

For your product idea search using surveys, here are some tips I can advise on asking questions.  First, KISS, Keep It Short and Simple (or Stupid). Long questions are boring. Audiences may not take their time to answer that. Plus it can become too hard to understand and you might not get the answers you are looking for. So KISS it! Next, the questions should be a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Third, one question at a time. Lastly, avoid polar questions or those which can be answered by yes or no. Remember, you need insight from your customers. 

Also, keep in mind that asking audiences to answer surveys may be the hardest thing to do. Usually, there should be something in return so they can be motivated. Unless your an icon, you can get your fans to answer. But if not, try those tools I mentioned above. Some may give you an idea of how. 

Once you have the information in hand through the surveys you conducted, all you have to do is to filter those that are closely related. Create your product idea through the most number of same suggestions, and answers. Doing so would allow you to see what kind of product idea that will turn the many into sales. 


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