Audience surveys

Maybe you’ve already found some product ideas, but here you are still reading. And I think it’s because you want more knowledge. I think you

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Retention Marketing

Here’s a fact, acquiring new customers is beneficial to your business. However, successful businessmen know that it’s not the only way to boost profit. They’re

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Create your Social Media

Most businesses nowadays have social accounts as part of their marketing efforts. But if you’re asking whether you should have one too, that actually depends

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Create your Blog

Do you need to create blogs for your e-commerce business? The answer is a big YES! Especially for small businesses. If you want to find

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marketing strategy

Marketing Ideas

There are probably hundreds of marketing ideas that you can choose from. The effectiveness of each varies from many factors like your business’ industries, location,

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Is Branding Important?

Have you thought about the feeling or the experience you’ll get when your company’s logo is seen almost everywhere? Or when you’ll hear people talking

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