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On your journey to search for a product idea, you have thought about your possible consumers. You want to think of something that will satisfy them, solve their problem, make them loyal, and surely turn them to sales. But how? If only you can read their minds, it will be easy. Asking them personally is time-consuming. Not to mention the chance that they will answer is low to none. Unless, you give them something in return. If you’re a startup, that’s probably not a good idea. But don’t worry, I might have something for you to answer “how”. We’ll take a look at “Consumer Lifestyle Publications” as the 7th posts for the series “Where to Find Product Ideas”.

Now, what is this Consumer Lifestyle Publications? Simply, it’s a compilation of consumer lifestyle information intended for general reading, for the public. It can be in the form of an online article, magazine, newspaper article, etc. It includes and highlights people’s interest such as health and fitness, tourism, culture, decoration, leisure, fashion, and many more.

If you’re seeking for a product idea, reading consumer lifestyle publications can help you. It’s like you are taking a look at through their interests. You want them to be your customer, right? Then their interest should be your target. The best thing about these publications, they don’t just randomly pick an interest to show their readers. They only post the trending, study proven, being consumed widely, and professionally recommended. Basically, getting ideas from these publications can give your future product an edge in the market as it was inspired by interests of many. 

In choosing what “Consumer Lifestyle Publications” to read or get ideas from, you have to read these:

  • The number of comments.
  • Social media engagement or shares.
  • Site popularity.
  • For magazines, you can search for the best sellers on the internet first before buying.
  • Market niche.

While every consumer publication may be able to give you a product idea– it is important to check those mentioned above. Remember, you should be seeking for a product idea that will surely be appreciated in the market. So you might want to get it from sources that have huge number of audiences. 

Another thing, this may not be considered as consumer lifestyle publication but, Instagram can help you as well. Is it a bit of the wrong direction, you asked? Not entirely. Instagram also showcase people’s lifestyles. Many users, especially influencers, post things like food, travel, gadgets, fashion, leisure, and many more that they love. Browsing in this platform can help you see the type of products or services that people use nowadays. And you can find it easily through the use of hashtags (#), for example #sneakers, #shoes or #slippers. You’ll get to see all the users who posted pictures about their new shoes. You may find different comments, suggestions, and feedback. And all of that information can be used to come up with an effective product idea.

As I’ve said, checking consumer lifestyle publications (and Instagram) can let you see other people’s interest. You can either compete with the current product they are using or create something new out of it.


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