By reading all the posts in the series of “Where to Find Product Ideas”, you may have realized by now that there’s actually a right way. One is that it should come from consumers, their interests, challenges, etc. And the other one is that an idea should be voiced by many, I mean many others (groups of people) are also saying the same thing. The previous post may have given that to you but if you are still looking for a way, then try this last post on the series. This time, it’s about “Crowdsourcing.”


First, let’s define what Crowdsourcing is. It’s quite similar to surveying but you are actually asking for ideas openly and to a large group of people. Picture this with me. You run out of ideas, you want to shout-out to the crowd to see who can help you. That’s crowdsourcing, only it is done through the internet. A crowd will be with you to help you with what you’re looking for. Sometimes in exchange for payments, but most of the time voluntary. If you have heard about Crowdfunding, wherein it seeks money to support a project, a foundation, charity, individual, etc. Crowdsourcing has the same concept, it only asks for idea, information, opinion, or even work. 

Does crowdsourcing sound promising for your search? Then check these platforms and start:

Having the concept in mind on how to Crowdsource, it won’t be hard for you to check those sites and ask for product ideas. Though you may need to elaborate on the product you have in mind. You might want to ask what kind of product may solve these and that, or you can start with what product in this kind of niche that consumers use nowadays. Those kinds of questions.

Aside from product idea, crowdsourcing can even help you with the product design, your company logo, and many more. It’s pretty much like you are asking the whole internet world, or whoever is online or on that website.

Another idea of crowdsourcing is through social media. If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account with a huge number of audiences then you can ask them directly. Ask questions that will be the foundation of your new product by being the answer, for example “Which t-shirt do you prefer? A round-neck or a v-neck?” something like that. Whichever answers the most then you know what their interest is. If you don’t have a social media page, then you might want to consider hiring an Influencer to Crowdsource for you.

People have different ideas. Sometimes, there are ideas that could change everything. Asking for ideas is not bad nor a sign of stupidity. It only shows your eagerness to continue what you’re trying to do. And with crowdsourcing, feel free to ask for product ideas. It’s made for that, and you never know, maybe the next trending product that you’ll sell may come from a helping hand.


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