Finding Product Ideas – On-Third-party Customer Reviews

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Finding product ideas – On-Third-party customer reviews but, before choosing a business, product, or service– almost all customers seek out reviews. For entrepreneurs, listening to their customer reviews and feedback helped them improve their businesses. But here’s a tip… Customer reviews can also provide you with a new product idea. How? Hold your horses. We’ll get there. For the sixth post of the blog series “Where to Find Product Ideas”, this time through “On-site and Third-party Customer Reviews”.

First, let’s say you already have an up and running business. I’m pretty sure you have a way to get customer reviews. If not… then you’re missing a big opportunity. Anyway, let’s say you have reviews. The only way to get its benefits is to read them. After all– it’s your customers that you want to satisfy. It’s them that give you sales. Among those reviews and feedback is customer’s issues with your product. If you listen to it– the new product idea that you’ve been looking for may suddenly get created to resolve that issue. Also, within those customers’ voices are suggestions. Listen to it, compile it, and act on it. Those suggestions may give you way to create a new product. Just keep in mind that you want to get their satisfaction. And I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with a thing or two.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a business yet, there’s no other way to get customer reviews but by checking other products and companies. All you have to do is to pay attention to issues or complaints, and suggestions from customers directly to the product. That way, you can think of a product that will solve those problems or satisfy those customers. Just think of them as your own, and target them once you start. 

But be careful about reviews. Since it has become a way to increase sales and trust– some people target businesses and create fake reviews to take it down. And there are those the internet calls “Internet Trolls” one of the things they do is to give fake reviews to products just for fun. For honest reviews– try Amazon. Most of the suggestions and reviews there are from entrepreneurs like yourself. 

Here’s an example scenario about an entrepreneur who is looking for a product idea. He was browsing reviews on the internet about a certain product that he wants to compete with. Then he stumbles upon a comment from a consumer. The comment says that the product reminds the consumer of an old product. The old product is not for sale in the market anymore for a long time due to bankruptcy and probably the mishandling of the business itself. A product idea came up to the entrepreneur. He thought about reviving an old product and improving it. Like how movies do reboots, and like how Ryan Reynolds revives Aviation Gin. 

Before you asked what was the product on the story? Just don’t. The story may be just a figment of my imagination. But the point is… ideas really do just pop up in our minds. But with the help of sources. And it’ll be a much better product if you listen to customers. 

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