How Does Influencer Marketing Strategy Works?

There’s nothing wrong with bragging about your own products to everyone. But if your intent is to get them to purchase it, that technique is a long shot. They’ll think that you are only saying positive things about it so you can make some profit. Even if it’s true, they won’t believe you. What about if the “positive things” came from a friend? Or someone else? Well, it has a higher chance of making others to buy your products. That’s called a referral.  However, that has a lower scope and slower progress. You don’t want that as an entrepreneur. You want your products to reach more people right away. Or rather, your target market. You would need an Influencer, but how does Influencer Marketing Strategy works?

There are many ways to promote your products and services, one proven effective is Influencer Marketing Strategy. And when we say “Influencer” we are talking about popular people with a huge number of followers. It can be a celebrity, a writer, a blogger, a model, a sportsperson, a make-up artist, or even ordinary people who have a vast number of followers.

What Are Influencers?

Influencer marketing is another way of word-of-mouth marketing strategy approach. The Influencer will promote your products or services for their followers to see. Their objective is to turn their audience to be your potential customers. Basically, you are taking advantage of the Influencer’s fame, charisma and influence to send your message or commercial proposal to your target market.

There are many ways to use their popularity for your marketing proposal. One is to make them an icon for ads on tv, web, billboard, etc. The other one, the currently popular and effective approach is through their social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and You Tube. Their followers are already on those platforms. It ensures promotion effectivity. Just keep in mind that this is a job. You have to make a deal with Influencers in order to get them to promote your products or services.

How Does An Influencer Help Your business?

The primary reason why Influencers have many followers is that they are being idolized. There’s something special about them or to what they do that makes many people love and trust them. Take note of those words: love and trust. If someone you love and trust is using this product or service, it influences your desire and needs to do the same. For a business, you want consumers to choose your product to make a profit and growth. Other than that, Influencer marketing can help you:

Increases your numbers in:

  • Your website’s visitors.
  • Followers of the social accounts of your brand faster.
  • Interactions(Likes and Shares) that your Social Media business account receives.
  • Potential customers to your online store.

Promote and influence your:

  • Use your products or services.
  • Visits your business.
  • The identity of your brand to build trust.

To look for an Influencer, you can search them through search engines, and social media platforms. There are also influencer agencies or individuals that help you search for them and make a deal with them.


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