How to Listen to Your Customers

Most likely, once or maybe more than twice in your life, you have complained or said something bad about a product or a service. Maybe you posted it on social media or you directly sent a message to the company who’s selling it. Either they never learned to listen to their customers as they addressed your concern or you were ignored, it affects your desire to buy that product or avail the service again.

Now, you are a business owner. You have to keep in mind that a business is not a business without your customers. You need them, so put the effort in trying to make them need you. To do that, you have to learn to listen to them. Doing so will improve the quality of your products or services. But how to “really” listen to your customers?

Listen from Feedback and Suggestions

This is the basic but most effective way. By any means, ask them to give feedback about your products, services, buying process, etc. And by asking suggestions, you’ll be able to learn what exactly the customer wants from you. Thus, this allows you to formulate a strategy that addressed their concerns. It also gives you an idea of how you can have them wanting more. Lastly, this promotes a lasting customer relationship which is what you need to earn loyal customers. However, all of these will go to waste if you don’t act on it. Don’t just listen, show them that you heard them. 

Make it Easier for Customers to Connect to you

Make your brand available to all channels. Make it easy for them to reach you. Nowadays, social media is where most of the people are. So make sure your social media page is always available to answer all messages and that it replies to all comments. Yes, you read it right, all! Doing so would make them feel that you are listening to the customers. That you are listening and collecting their concerns. And then formulate a strategy to address it. You won’t imagine what they will feel and say once you show them that you have heard their call to action.

Take Advantage of the Internet Surveys

Survey Monkey and Zoomerang are one of the many internet survey sites that you can use. But why do you need to use it? Simple, for collecting data from customers. It allows you to see what they need and want. Thus, allows you to create a solution that leads to customer satisfaction.

Listening to Employee Feedback counts

Don’t ignore what your employees say about your products or services. They are the ones who face your customers. They always observe how customers react. They know what’s happening that your numbers may not be able to see.  Also, most likely, they are the ones who use your products. Gather them. Ask them what they are experiencing. Ask them what’s working and what’s not, and why. Get their suggestions too, and see if it’s worth trying or not. 

Hunt for Customer Review

Sometimes, before a customer buys your products, they check the internet to see what others say about it. Search the internet for forums, blogs, and vlogs that review your products or services. Act on their concerns and suggestions. Once you did, place a comment on their blogs, or vlogs. This will allow you to tell their audience that you listened and heard them.


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