Improving your product ratings through reviews

Product ratings are an essential part of growing your business. Whether you sell through a physical store or through an online store, the sales, reputation, credibility, and brand recognition of your products are influenced by its ratings. The higher the rating, the better your products, and your business are. Which make sense to improving your product ratings through reviews

The main key in improving product ratings is through reviews and here are some effective ways to get more:

Make reviews accessible and easy to see

If you sell your products through online marketplaces, you don’t have to do this because the platform itself already did the job. However, if you have your own site to sell your products, make sure that the product reviewing section is visible for the customers and it’s easy to use. Always notify them to review your product by using captions like “Please write a review” or something else. Driving them to do so will increase the number of your reviews to get more ratings or learn from them to improve it.

Be social media accessible

Your business should also be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that your customers will find it easy to leave questions, suggestions, and feedback.

Ask a review right away

Send an email or a notification to your customer to leave a review for the product right after a transaction. Doing so will increase the chance of getting reviews as it’s still on top of their mind.

Respond to reviews

If you get a good review, reply appropriately and tell them how much you appreciate the feedback. Doing so will make them leave a review on the next transaction. On the other hand, if it’s a bad review, you should leave a reply too. Ignoring them won’t make it go away. Respond appropriately, apologize while ensuring that their concern will be addressed.

Highlight great reviews

If you see a great review, ask permission from the reviewer that you’ll post it on social media or put it on the top of your page. It will increase your sales and it will also encourage everyone to leave reviews too. Another great idea is to include their name and picture along with their testimony.

Reward those who review or run a contest

Consider giving those who review some freebies like discount codes or coupons or run a loyalty program. Not only that they will leave a review again, but it will also encourage them to write a good one. You can also run a contest on social media. Make them post some pictures of your products with personal experience and some hashtags. Then the best ones can be featured on your site or social media account or any other prizes you have in mind. Doing this allows your products to get free advertising and more product reviews.

Make reviews count

Good reviews allow you to see what your customers love about your product. You can continue providing it or try to improve it. On the other hand, bad reviews allow you to see where you might be lacking. It’s a good opportunity to learn from it so you can turn detractors to advocates.

Techniques to get your customers to leave reviews on your product and get high ratings don’t stop on those methods. There are other ways and more clever strategies if you think about it. Just keep in mind that for them to leave a review, give them a reason to do so.


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