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If you’re lucky, sometimes, a product idea just pops up in mind. But if it’s not happening no matter how hard you try, you want to know where you could get it. Like novel writers who are experiencing writer’s block, most of them read other books or watch movies to get an idea for a scene. An entrepreneur without a product idea in mind, searches the web for it. Luckily, with everything we’re looking for is on the internet, there are also websites now that provides solution to this problem. For the second installment of our series of posts “Where to Find Product Ideas”, we’re going to talk about “Online Consumer Product Trend Publications.”

When we say Online Consumer Product Trend Publications, these are websites or articles for entrepreneurs. And their content is about consumer products that are trending or in season around the globe. Their goal is to keep readers updated on product trends, expose you to new product categories and industries, and most importantly, give product ideas. 

Here are popular publications that you can check:

  • TrendWatching Many inspiring entrepreneurs regularly check this independent trend firm to get product ideas from. Their team of professionals is located in many areas like London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, São Paulo, and Lagos. Their content is most trusted and it’s due to the fact that they report worldwide trends and only the best.
  • Trend HunterJeremy Gutsche, the founder of Trend Hunter, was just like you. A man who is seeking for product ideas and end up building a community for that purpose. Now, it’s the world’s most popular and largest trend community with 137,000 members and 3,000,000 fans. For Jeremy, “It’s a place for insatiably curious people to share ideas and get inspired.” Checking their website could be the answer to your product wondering.
  • SpringwiseThought about someone traveling for you to search the world for product ideas? You don’t have to. This company has been very helpful for entrepreneurs as they do what I just said. Yes, they searched the world to give us the best ideas, stories, and trends. Another cool thing is their newsletter that you can subscribe to– so you can always be updated to their world entrepreneurial trends.
  • PSFKIf you’re looking for consumer trends and insight, PSFK can give you that. It is a business intelligence platform that analyzes market dynamics and perspectives based on research. They develop new products, services, and experiences across retail, advertising and design to inspire creative professionals.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the things those publications provide, worry not. There are a lot of ways to use the ideas. For example, you can check the trend in another country. Analyze if it’s going to be a trend in your country too. You think so? Then try to bring that product in your local community. Or maybe you can put your own idea to a trending product to produce an improved one. There’s a lot of ways. Keep that brilliant mind of yours working.


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