Product Reviews and Trend Discovery Sites

Product Reviews and Trend Discovery Sites. Entrepreneurs don’t stop with one product idea in mind. They continue to search for something new that they think would be profitable and trending for their businesses to grow. If you also think that way, then you are on the right post. For the third article of our series “Where to Find Product Ideas”… It’s about Product and Trend Discovery sites.

Product reviews are a reliable source of information for certain products that were created by those who tried or uses it. Many consumers tend to check these reviews to decide whether to avail or not a product or a service. For entrepreneurs, product reviews can be a source of product ideas. When someone reviews a product, they tell everyone their personal experience from it, the pros, and cons. Websites who do product reviews choose those that are trending or many have been using or used. They don’t just pick a product and review it. They need audiences so they only choose what they think many would check. As someone who is looking for a product trend, you can rely on that fact. Some product reviews also tend to give suggestions or room for improvement. You can use that to think of a product idea.

Trend discovery sites, on the other hand, are reliable sources of, guess what, “What’s Trending!” you can get inspiration from those products that have been making a name in the market and what many consumers are using. These sites also tell you why those (products) are trending. That’s one reason to check it. Maybe you can apply what you can learn to another product of yours to do the same. 

Product reviews and trend discovery are, sometimes, found on one website. Some provide data-packed blog posts or curated images. For gaining a better understanding of what’s currently in demand, check these websites:

Those websites updates daily or weekly. You must follow them or check regularly to get ideas from. Other than that, product reviews and trend discoveries can also be found in entrepreneurial magazines. 

Aside from those reliable sources, you can also try Google Trends. It’s a free tool that you can use to easily and quickly see if a certain product is trending in a specific country. Yes, that exists! Google is really making things easy for us, isn’t it? You can use this tool to evaluate if many people are searching for a type of product. For instance, if you type in “gold necklace” and then choose USA as the country (take note: you can also set the timeline of trend). It will give you results as to how many people are searching for it too. 

Whatever you’ll get from these recommendations, how you’ll use it is up to you. Sometimes, all we need is an idea from others or from consumers. Then combined to our own to make something that could be the next trend in the market. 


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