Where to Find Product Ideas – B2B

Running out of ideas for your new product? Or still, looking for product ideas for your start-up? Don’t scratch your head just yet. And don’t ever hit the wall. Sometimes all we need is an idea from someone else. Perhaps from an article like this post? In the fourth installment of posts series “Where to Find Product Ideas”– the next source is B2B Wholesale Marketplaces.

Amongst eCommerce entrepreneurs, the most popular source to think of what product to sell is Wholesale Marketplaces.  Yes, right from the source as they say. And you don’t have to go somewhere to do this. Just sit in front of your computer or check it with your phone. 

Wholesale Marketplaces like Alibaba (and AliExpress), Oberlo, eBay, and Amazons are platforms to which they allow suppliers and wholesalers to showcase products and sell them online in bulk. Also, in wholesale price. What eCommerce entrepreneurs like about those platforms– when thinking of a product idea– is that they show which is trending, how many people have bought this and that, and the ability to buy directly from them (suppliers) once they have decided.

Marketplaces are large, especially Alibaba. We’re talking about millions of products. But since they connect everyone in the world, most definitely, you’ll find what you’re looking for in there. A product idea could come up while you are browsing their top seller section. However, don’t completely ignore those products that don’t sell much. Maybe it just needs insights from you, and voila! A product idea came up from improved underrated products.

Also, while browsing the marketplace, one good product idea is a combination of two or three things. Something that perfectly matches together if you sell it. Perhaps like… sneakers and custom-made shoelaces? I’m sure you’ll have something in mind with that concept.

Now, check these important sections of the Wholesale Marketplaces Platform. This might filter your search for a product idea:

  • AliExpress Popular – as the title says, it let you see what’s in demand in Alibaba and AliExpress.
  • eBay Popular – section for the current (updated) popular items and auction on eBay.
  • eBay Watch Count – use this section to view how many people are viewing a specific item or auction. Best for gauging interest for a specific item.
  • Amazon Bestsellers – simply the best sellers section of Amazon.
  • Amazon Movers and Shakers – hourly, Amazon let audiences to view who are the updated top-rated sellers.

The wholesale marketplaces platform doesn’t stop in those mentioned above. Nowadays, there are many. You can search for them on your own– if those (given platforms) still weren’t able to give you the product idea that you’re looking for. But those are the big ones. And the most popular ones. 

Another thing, if you prefer going out to meet with other entrepreneurs– sometimes there are events like Wholesale Expo. Those events usually provide exclusive ideas that isn’t even on the internet yet.

For thinking of a product idea– focus on something that solves problems for your target customers. And don’t push yourself too hard on producing one. Sometimes, the best idea comes up when you are least expecting it nor thinking of it.


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