Where to Find Product Ideas Your Local Community

If your main goal in starting a business is to fulfill your passion for certain things, you don’t need this. Stick to what you think you’ll be happy with. But if your main goal is to earn profit and grow a business– then I believe you don’t really care what product to sell. As long as it can make sales, right? But have you thought about which product? Or are you wondering where to get an idea from? If you do– this post is for you. This is a series of posts titled “Where to Find Product Ideas” and the first is “Your Local Community”.

Finding product ideas is one of the difficult things to decide when starting a business. But it shouldn’t be. If you have an idea of where to find it. In fact, you don’t have to go too far and it’s not necessarily should be a new idea. Your local community might have the answer to that. 

The first step is to browse the local shops. Even though that many businesses sells online, some may not have thought of it yet or prefer not to. You can grab that opportunity. But always check if the kind of product they have is really worth it to sell online. Study and take note of the trends. And maybe, aside from just copying a product, you can create a unique one of your own. One example of that is the Apps or Online Businesses that offer online grocery store. They know that these groceries don’t offer online convenience so they grab the opportunity to do it. Checking local shops would also make you see what they lack so you can have your own idea of what you will sell.

Another product idea that you can pick up from the local community is checking the rare products or “City Treasure”. I’m talking about those products that can only be found in your area. Like food delicacies, etc. Sell them somewhere else or online. I’m pretty sure people from far away places would like to try it too, especially those who have visited your city and is craving for more.

The local newspapers can also be the most reliable source of ideas. They feature local products that are trending or making a name in the market. And you can bet on it! They don’t publish it if it’s not really popular. It will be just a waste of time for them.

Lastly, try to go around the local community and observe people. See what they are always using and what they could maybe need to solve their problem. You can also hang out with friends and their friends of friends. Maybe some of them have a story to tell about a cousin who uses this and those products. Or maybe they can share what they commonly use.

Your local community has many things to offer for you to get product ideas from. Maybe yours have a warehouse that sells bulk products directly or maybe there are wholesale companies around that can suggest a product. Only one way to find out is to do those tips.


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