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Learn how to Create a Social Media Plan. Nowadays, everyone seems to have an online presence. Especially in social media. That’s why even businesses have social media pages or accounts. But if you’re thinking of creating one for every social media, I must tell you now… Without a social media plan, you will be wasting your time. Why? Simply put it this way, there are seven major social media– each has different kinds of users. If you advertise to a social media platform where users are not likely to be interested in your product… you can guess what will happen. And that’s just one example. There are other factors. But let me share some advice on creating a social media plan.

Step 1: Choose the Right Social Media for your Business

Every social media plan should start with choosing the social media platform that fits your business. How? First is by following where your current and potential customers are– your target market. To find out, you could ask them through surveys. You could also update your sign-up form by including a question like “What are the social media platforms you use?” There are many ways actually. Once you have the information, the major results are the answer. It could be one or two or more. As long as you’ll be where your target markets are.

Step 2: Set Social Media Plan Goals

For a business, the main purpose of having a social media presence is marketing. But in order to achieve goals, you have to set it first. Like the following goals for instance:

  • Increase product or services sales
  • Spread brand awareness
  • Build a buzz or a word-of-mouth 
  • Increase website or blog traffic
  • Gather feedback and testimonies
  • Provide customer assistance

As a business, your goals should be more about increasing conversion rates. In other words, converting audiences as a buyer or a sale. Increasing followers is also a great idea but I won’t recommend focusing on that. Success in social media doesn’t measure by the number of followers. But the number lets you know how many people you can reach with every post. That’s it. So your goals should always be business-wise. 

Step 3: List the Actions, Timeline, and Enforce Execution

Your social media plan is now half baked after choosing the right platforms and setting your goals. Now you have to list all the things that you will do as well as the timeline in order to achieve those goals. More importantly, whoever will execute the actions should strictly execute it.

Step 4: Use Metrics to Measure Social Media Plan’s Success

This is really important when creating a social media plan. You should have a way to measure if your social media presence is a good idea or not. For instance, you have a shop page on a Social Media platform. The number of sales through the page can be your metric. Or your website should have a counter of audiences. That’s to see if they were driven from a social media post and landed on the site. 

Step 5: Set Social Media Plan’s Budget

It’s free to post on major social media platforms. But there are cases where you need to use your business money. Especially to let your target market know that you are on the same social media platform. For instance, ads, influencer partnerships, giveaways, etc. That’s why there should be an allotted budget for a social media plan.

Step 6: Look for a Social Media Manager or Administrator

Don’t ever think that you can do this on your own. Especially if your target audiences are on multiple platforms. You must look for someone who will implement your social media plans. Doing this won’t just save you a lot of time, but also leaving the task to professionals for better results.

Final Say

When it comes to creating social media presence, keep in mind that you don’t have to be everywhere. You have to be where your buyers are.


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