Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 80% of web traffic came from mobile phones? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Seems like everyone has smartphones now, and they are glued to it. That’s 2020 for you. And that’s why internet presence has become a necessity in business marketing. Almost all companies have a website now. However, having a website is not enough. Since that almost all target audience uses smartphones, your site should also be mobile-friendly.

What do we mean by mobile-friendly? Here’s an example: Imagine this with me while looking at your website on a computer screen… If your website is not mobile-friendly, that’s what they will exactly see on their mobile screen– a tiny version to be exact. Yes, they can zoom in and out to read the content but it won’t be convenient for them. In business, the customer’s convenience can turn into satisfaction and loyalty. And you should know by now what it means in making a profit. If it’s mobile-friendly, visitors will find it easy to navigate, read, access, etc. Thus, they will come back again for updates and fulfill your other reasons for having a website.  Basically, a mobile-friendly website is a necessity, and here are some tips on how to ensure it.

Check Other Websites

Probably the best and easiest way to have an idea about making your website to be mobile-friendly is to check the others. Use your computer and your phone to access their website. Observe the difference and your experience. Take note of everything great that you noticed and apply it to your site.

Easy Navigation is the Key

Whether you’ll do-it-yourself or you are going to hire someone to do it for you, you have to ensure that your mobile-friendly site is easy to navigate. Make the text easy to read when on a mobile phone. Make the buttons and menu large enough for a finger to tap it, and place it where it can prevent accidental taps. Include a search function too and place it where it should be easy to locate. Keep in mind that it will be accessed through a smaller screen and navigated with fingertips.

It Should be Responsive

When we say responsive– it means it’s easier for the audience to view all your contents on the website. The necessity of scrolling, zooming, panning, should be minimized. Images should be crystal clear. If you’re using Blogger, WordPress, etc. They have an option for a responsive theme. Otherwise, you might need to hire an expert or spend more time learning how to do it.

Simple yet Engaging Design

Audiences tend to abandon a website if the fonts and the design are too stylish. So stick with simple fonts, colors, buttons, menu bars, etc. Keep in mind that it’s not about whose website has a lot of designs. It’s about which one is easy to read, navigate, and has important things to offer.

Clear Language is Must

Your website content should be easy to read and understand. Keep in mind that not all audiences are poets or hardcore language fans. Keep it short and simple.

Important Functions

Ensure that these functions are available and easy to locate on your website: feedback leaving form or box, comment box, rate buttons, contact information or forms, and share to social media functions. For the forms, keep it short too. Audiences will find it hard and feel uncomfortable if you’re asking too many pieces of information.

Testing is the Key to Consistency

Regularly test your website. Remove bugs or lags as soon as possible. Schedule maintenance to improve and fix issues. Focus on the speed of access. If it’s taking too long to load, then there’s a problem. The quicker the better. Always remember that. One pro tip from programmers said to avoid flash players. Mobile phones don’t have that built-in in its system. And it’s a bummer to install it first just to view your content.

Marketing and business are like stones on river flow. If you stay, the current will slowly turn you into something small. Go against it, and you’ll see yourself failing. But if you go with the flow, it will take you somewhere else. The trend is smartphone usage, making your website mobile-friendly is going with the flow.


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