Guidelines on Hiring the Best

As your business grows, there comes a time that you need to hire people. To finish more tasks and help the owner. But for small businesses that don’t have their own HR department yet, the owner has to carry their own torch for evaluating applicants. How would you do that? You can post in sites such as glassdoor or indeed, and of course, you want to hire the best ones for the job right? If you don’t have an answer, let me give you these guidelines on hiring the best and right employee.

Create a Job Analysis

The job analysis is the first important part when hiring the best employee. It consists of gathering information about a specific job’s tasks, obligations, essential skills, outcomes, and work environment. Basically, the job analysis is the basis of your job description which will help you plan your strategy for recruitment.

Plan the Recruitment Strategy

Your recruitment strategy has a great effect on hiring the right employee. You could post an ad on social media or job hunting websites about it. And then interview the applicant in your office or over the phone. You can also add a test for excellent learning and analytical skills. Whatever it is, your strategy should have a point that is connected to the task. For instance, the task has to do with providing artworks in a timely manner. You can set that the best applicant is the one who will send the right artwork faster and with great accuracy. If you already have other employees, it is also important to get their insight into the recruitment process. After all, they are the ones who’ll be working with the new guy.

Prepare the Checklist

A checklist will keep you on the right track for hiring the right employee. List down all the things that you want for an employee. Such as skills, bio, etc.  Then group those things into the level of their importance. Why? There’s no perfect applicant. Consider the small things that they can’t do or they don’t have as long as they can do the important tasks. Keep in mind that people with a willingness to learn can be trained.

Thoroughly Review Credentials and The Applicants

To hire the best employee, screen them carefully using your checklist. For instance, your recruitment strategy is to send resume or CV through email. Check if what it says on their papers matches most of your stuff in the checklist. That way you can filter the applications into the best ones.

Conduct an Interview

You don’t have to be a skilled interviewer to conduct one but it is required when hiring the right employee. Search for the right interview questions to separate best candidates to average ones.  An interview would also help you see if they are what they say in their papers. It will also allow you to see the ones with commitment to their career. And the ones who love doing the job. Those kinds of persons always do the job right and even go for the extra mile. 

Check Background and References

Hiring the right employee does not stop with an interview. You must check whether what they say or what they declare on their papers is true.  Confirm their educational attainment, previous work, character references, etc. Also, check their social media presence. Basically, you have to be prudent in hiring.

Extend the Job Offer

With the interview in hand, it is most likely that every detail about the job has been discussed verbally. A job offer letter will confirm that verbal agreement for legalization, documentation, and shows of professionalism. 

Extra Tips:

Just in case there are best applicants that didn’t make your final selection, it’s wise to keep them in your talent pool. Send them an employment letter even if it’s for rejection. The letter should include your plan on keeping their contacts in your pool of potential candidates that will be considered on the next job opening. It will save your time on searching for new ones if you need it again. 


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