Product Description Guide for e-Com and Marketplace

Product Description Guide

Product description is one of the most important aspects of your product when it comes to marketing. It allows consumers to get the important aspects of a product and it helps them decide whether to purchase it or not. However, simply just stating the description of a product won’t help at all in terms of sales and promotion. That’s why– product description should be perfect, enticing, informative, personalized, and optimized.

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How to write a perfect product description

Use the right words and keywords in your product description

Create an initial list of keywords. Check the keywords your competitor used. Use a research tool to help you identify the correct keywords to use. Use longtail keywords. Check the result and keep revising until you achieve the result you wanted.

Write for your audience

The tone of writing your product description varies on the type of your audience and your product. For example, if you are selling a toy, make it appealing to kids. Try inserting some humor or stuff that kids find cool.

Make it easy to read

After a sentence or two in your product description, try to use bullet points to highlight important features of your product to make it easier to see.

Try storytelling style

Use the product description to tell a story about the product itself. It could be a testimony from a customer or an entertaining one while highlighting the features of the product to draw them in.

Include achievements and awards with proof in your product description

Aside from the features, benefits, and everything about the product, try to include its– or the company’s achievements and awards but make sure you also include the proof of it.

Use facts to seduce

Include facts base on research on your description that will benefit your potential customer. For example, for a dark chocolate product, include facts about dark chocolates such as it contains lots of antioxidants that help the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure, and many more.

Focus your product description on details and benefits

Instead of telling your customer phrases like “excellent quality”  etc., and to avoid making them say that “Yeah, yeah, that’s what others say too.” etc., write the details of your product followed by its benefit. Here’s an example phrase for a leather shoes product description: “Water-resistant leather for durable and lasting wear.”

Aside from those tips, you must ensure that your description is free of errors such as typos, grammar, and spelling. Also, the font size, color, and type should always make it readable. 

Writing the perfect description could be difficult at first but you’ll get the hang of it as you try. Nowadays, there are free programs and websites that offer to generate product descriptions for you online, you can also try that and just personalize it using the techniques above.

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