Selling Like Crazy – Is it Wise for Your Business?

Selling Like Crazy

When we started our flower shop, we thought that having a website alone will make us sell our products. We immediately hired a professional friend to make our website. It was gorgeously done and functional. My business partner and I were so excited and really confident when our website went live. We exerted efforts for the image contents and hired a professional photographer. The product description was very detailed from materials used to plant/flower care for each merchandise.  We used fancy fonts and color schemes.

Selling like crazy on marketplace

Three months forward we never made even 1 sale. We were about to give up when we decided to try and change our website hosting to BloomNation a flower marketplace and then we started making sales and reviews. Then came HBloom another flower marketplace adding on top of our BloomNation sales. We never thought that joining marketplaces would help us boost our sales. We decided to sell like crazy by joining more marketplaces. Later we came to know that there were so many marketplaces for Flower Shops and decided to join only those that are aligned to our brand.

Measure your marketing efforts

We wanted to measure our own marketing effort versus the marketplace, so we opened our Shopify store and directed all our blog postings, social media postings, and ads to our shop. One that tops our organic sales is our leads from Yelp, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. But the source of our stable regular income is our weekly and monthly subscribers that came from our email list.

Having said all these, here are my tips on how to sell like crazy online.

  1. Create an online store of your own to measure all your organic sales from your blog, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest,  YouTube videos ads and Yelp ads.
  2. Depending on your product, you should explore all the specialized marketplaces available for your product.
  3. Take advantage of the top e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, Bonanza, and Zibbet.
  4. Check how you can sell in TV home-shopping networks like HSN and QVC.
  5. Benefit from sales networks with millions of members like Wayfair and Zulily.
  6. Try to find a way to sell your product through subscription.

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