Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

For your e-commerce store or for whatever reason why you build a website, increasing your website’s traffic is one of your goals, right? Because you know that the more audience you’ll have, the closer you are with your goals. For instance, to sell your products or services. But how would you drive people to check your website out? Or let’s say you’ve tried many things to increase traffic but still, nothing’s changed. What should you really do? Let’s talk about that in this post. I’ll give you the best, proven, and potentially-free ways I know to increase website traffic.

Apply SEO techniques on your Website’s Content

Ask experts about the best way to increase your website traffic, search engine optimization might be the first one to be mentioned. Well, that’s because it’s free and effective! This is how it works. Let’s say you searched something on Google. For instance: “How to Increase Website Traffic?” Google will give you search results, the best websites that you can look into to give an answer to your query or search. Notice that there are websites that appeared on top of the list while some aren’t? That’s what SEO can do to your website. It can put it on the top of the search result, giving you organic audiences, therefore more website traffic. Amazing right? 

You may need to put yourself into it in order to learn how. But enrolling in a good SEO online course will equip you with the right knowledge.

Influencer Partnership to Promote your Website

Social media platforms are where many people spend most of their time nowadays. That’s why in order to get more traffic on your website, you have to be in there too. You have to drive them to your website from where they are. But the question is, how will you reach them? They don’t know you nor your brand or products. Luckily, there are people who can. They are called “Influencers” or “Social Media Influencers.” These are people who have accumulated fame on social media with a huge number of audiences or followers. All you have to do is partnered with them, and get them to promote your website to their audiences on their social media account. It could be in exchange for a product or monetary value. Just make sure that you’ll partner with the one that has the same niche as your website.

For first-timers, it’s best to speak with an Influencer agency so they can make the best and fair deal on your behalf, and even find the right one for you. 

Answer Questions on Forums (Quora, Facebook Groups, Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, Slack Groups)

Driving traffic on your website could start by answering a simple question that is relevant to its niche. Then follow your answer with an encouraging statement that will make them check your website out. Anyone who will see that question and your answer could be your potential audience. Not to mention, that answered questions can appear on top of Google search results. 

Now, all you have to do is look for questions to answer. But where? The simplest answer is on Quora, which is actually a Q and A site. But you want to be everywhere, right? You want to be where people are hanging out. So try to look for relevant groups that match your niche on the platforms such as: Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, and Slack Groups.

Build Contests and Giveaways

Let’s say you were able to gather a little bit of website traffic and social media audiences. To increase it even more, you should consider running a contest or giving freebies. The best way to do it is through social media. Create a contest that would make your audience spread the word about it, visit your website, and encourage their friends to join. In exchange, you can give discount codes or coupons, or a selective winner/s that will win cash, free products, a trip, etc. 

Note: Usually, this can only give your website a short-term increase in traffic. It’ll be best if you have something on your website that could make them come back and increase overall customer retention.

Local Publications

Getting your website featured in a local publication could be the surest way to increase traffic. After all, they are always looking for a new business to feature. This is what you have to do. First, list all the local publications like local newspapers, local radio stations, local TV stations, and local business coverage websites. Then look for their contact info by checking their website or connecting with them on LinkedIn. After that, get in touch with them through email or a call. Let them know about your website, especially its unique features that they can make as a headline. But be patient if you don’t receive feedback right away. It’s normal as they’re probably getting a bunch of emails. However, you can always make a follow-up. Just do it after 3-5 business days. 

Tip: To increase your website’s chance to get featured. Try to donate to local charities, send out a press release, get involved in a local cause, or sponsor an event.

Final Say

These tips can always be in handy for you. You can always come back here if you need to remind yourself of these brilliant ways to increase your website traffic. So, for the last tip, bookmark this page!


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