Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn Conversion Rate Optimization. Let’s say you were able to drive more web traffic on your website. You got these awesome strategies. However, you’re not really happy about it. Your conversion rate is low. Those web traffic you’re getting were not becoming sales. And that’s the main reason why you drove people to your awesome site, right? So, what would you do? I say, read this post first. I have some tips on how you will optimize your conversion rate.

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Featured Items

Feature two or three items with detailed descriptions on your home page. And put everything you have on a separate page. That’s a good strategy to catch the attention of potential buyers at first glance. That way, your audience won’t be overwhelmed. Otherwise, they’ll purchase nothing at all if they see too many choices. Keep in mind that customers know how to look for more if they want to. And they’ll know already what you got with the featured products. So choose the ones that can showcase the type of products you have on your website. 

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Video Content

Not only that it increases people’s time on your website, a high-quality relevant video provides more product awareness, credibility, engagement, and conversion rate. Just make sure that you have a button or a link to buy or a direct contact action right below the video.

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Clear Call-To-Action

It is important for your website’s Call-To-Action features to be clear and accessible (placed to an easy-to-see space). For instance, your contact form, it should be easily accessible. Your product images should also be clear. As well as the buttons for buying or adding to cart– should be attractive or eye-catching.

  • Improve Conversion Rate with your Target Market

From your website designs, features, buttons, to the products or services itself– all of it should be based on your Target Market. Their demographics, ethnicity, lifestyle, interest, etc. and more importantly to what they have in common. That way you won’t just surely drove to your website but also convert them into sales.

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Customers’ Words

Feedback, ratings, reviews, and testimonies– all of those things from your customers make other–especially new ones– to be converted to sales.  That’s because people tend to listen to other people rather than to the brand. So make sure you have a way for encouraging customers to leave words. And it should always be visible. Another thing, those customers’ words can also be used to improve your website and its features. And that’s a better way to improve conversion rate as you are giving those who “likely-to-buy” what they exactly wanted. 

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Tempting Offer

Offering discounts, freebies, etc. base on customers’ wants, needs, and interests gives a higher probability of turning web traffic into sales. Like for instance, let’s say you sell a kitchen knife set. A free video on how to use those knives would really be tempting. Especially if your target market is people who like to cook. 

  • Improve Conversion Rate with Pop-ups

Pop-ups like live-chat features, survey forms, and cart reminders before leaving the page would be a great idea in optimizing conversion rates or getting customer data. 


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