Create Lasting Customer Relationships

Yes! You have won those customers over. It’s the start of your dream booming business. However, that is just the short game. The key to a thriving business is to earn their long term loyalty. In other words, you have to create lasting customer relationships. You want them to come back for more, and to trust only your brand. But how? If you will ask those who succeeded in doing so, it’s all about customer experience. 

Before we unlock the doors to creating lasting customer relationships, here are key reasons why we need to do so

  • Sure Profit – Those customers who are loyal to your product/brand would definitely come back for more. Therefore, they are the foundation of where your business is going to take you.
  • Buzz Creation – Once you have created a lasting relationship with your customer, your product/brand will be their suggestion. You can expect them to tell a friend, post on social media, etc. Thus, creating more potential customers.
  • Compassion during tough times – Businesses experience ups and downs. During tough times, loyal customers are your sure source of profit. In fact, many businesses have been saved by their loyal customers whenever they almost hit the rock bottom.
  • Source of Improvement – In creating marketing strategies to grow your business, loyal customers are the source of your data.

Now that you understand why it’s important, you should be motivated now to create lasting customer relationships. And the key is their experience. Are we talking about the experience they have with the product? Or is it how easy the transaction was? Both are correct but you can’t just rely on those. Again, it’s building a lasting relationship, so it’s about going above and beyond to retain them. Here’s how:

Effective Communication

This is the best way that you can do to create a lasting relationship with customers. But when we say effectively, it’s not about just talking to them. First, you have to show them that you care. Thank them for their patronage, reply to their comments right away whether it’s good or bad but in a more appropriate way, communicate with them regularly by keeping them updated with your products, ask for their feedback. Second, follow them. Those customers are always online. Build an online community and nurture it, create a social media page to keep them updated, and start a loyalty program with rewards. Most importantly, improve communication skills, stay true, and be consistent no matter what.

Authentic Concern

Address problems or concerns with an expression of regret. Put yourself in the customer’s situation. Then find the best solution. And more importantly, do not use automated or AI in customer service. This is where most businesses are doing wrong nowadays. Yes, it saves time and money, but most of the time it just results in a bad experience. Instead, gather data from previously answered questionnaires or recorded information of a specific customer.  Doing so would allow you to personalize your way of handling them. Thus, giving great customer experience.

Analyze Experience

In business, your aim aside from making a profit is to address your customers’ needs/wants easier. By analyzing their experience with your products and process, you can create a strategy that gives a smoother experience for them.

Creating a lasting customer relationship is not an easy task. It requires dedication, consistency, and innovation. However, investing in it is absolutely fruitful.


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