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As a wise business owner, you want to know every marketing strategy that you can use to succeed. That’s why you’re reading this article. Now, this is about email marketing, a form of digital marketing strategy. But what is it exactly? Since it’s a marketing strategy, how does it help your business? Why should you use it? Read more to find out.


Form the word itself, email marketing is the process of sending commercial emails to your target customers. The goal for doing this is to drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and send important information that is related to your business.  Usually, these emails are in the form of newsletter, order confirmation, discount/freebies notification, invitation, product updates, events, and many more as long as it’s about informing, persuading, and winning the loyalty of customers. It can be automated or occasional emails.

How does it Help a Business

Ever since it was invented, email has been used by almost all of the people around the world to communicate. It has become a tradition to have one. In fact, some people don’t have a social media account but almost all consumers have an email address. In the business world, email plays a huge role in a company’s growth through email marketing. Some even say that it is the most profitable direct marketing channel that is capable of generating up to 30 times of ROI(Return of Investment). Which means without it– it’s definitely a loss.

Here are key categories that email marketing can achieve for a business:

  • Makes your business known.
  • Gives you a good image that obtains customer loyalty.
  • Helps you sell your products and services.

Why Should a Business Use it

The answer is quite simple– low cost but generates more profit. Email marketing lets you connect to hundreds or even millions of prospective customers. Imagine it. In just a letter and a click of a button, you have communicated or connected to them. It will create an opportunity for sales, and established a long-term relationship in multiple ways.

Email marketing is also essential for customer retention. For a business to succeed, existing customers should be taken care of. They are repeat buyers and have a higher chance of spending more.

Based on statistics, consumers who purchase products through email offers spend 138% more than those who don’t. And that makes sense. Especially nowadays that businesses only offer discounts or vouchers if customers are subscribed to their newsletter. 

Statistics also show that 80% of consumers check their emails at least once a day. The chance of your goals– for doing email marketing– being met is high.

Not just for B2C, email marketing is also effective for B2B.

Email Marketing Tips

  • Do your research or enroll in online courses to know how to do email marketing.
  • It’s best and strategically wise to use an email marketing software. 
  • Collect email addresses legally.
  • Don’t spam your customer’s inbox. Your emails will be routed to their spam box. Also, ensure that you use a spam-free email subject.
  • Segment your mailing list and personalize your emails according to the categories of your target market in order to “really” connect to them.
  • Keep the contact list updated.
  • Include unsubscribe link on all your emails.
  • Always include a call-to-action on your emails.
  • Be aware of the frequency and time of sending your emails. It’s also best to take into account the time in their location.


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