Packaging Ideas

Packaging is the first way for your product to communicate with consumers. It attracts them, it tells them what your product is, it tells them what your company’s value,  and many more that will lead them to purchase it and even come back for more. That’s why packaging plays a vital role in the success of your product. In fact, most consumers judge a product by its packaging before buying it. And companies who’ve been growing continuously say that packaging is one of the keys to their success. However, keep in mind that as time goes by, consumer’s taste changes too. That’s why you need to be innovative and on-trend.

So, whether you are starting a business or you’re trying to figure out how you’ll sell your products– here are packaging ideas that will help you communicate to consumers and get them to choose yours. 

  • Choose Color Gradient

The color of your products plays a vital role in attracting consumers, but as time goes by– plain and bright colors can become outdated and less effective. Color gradient means blending one color to another color or more; creating lively and attractive shades. Think of the color of the sunset, it’s color gradient are yellow, orange, and red. And we all know how beautiful it is.

  • Smart Packaging

Nowadays, packaging has QR codes, NFC Chips, and Smart labels that can easily be scanned and understood by smartphones. Putting smart packaging in your product would help customers to know more about it and even share it on social media. It will also tell them that your company is organized, prepared, and something that they can trust.

  • Merge Packaging Concepts

It’s not bad to take pointers from companies who have been nailing the product sale even if they are your major competitors. Try to combine their packaging with your own ideas or with another product’s packaging. An example of this is a beer product called Anheuser Busch. They combined the idea of beer in bottle and beer in can producing a beer in an aluminum can with a shape of a bottle. That idea attracted many consumers and even won several packaging awards.

  • Play with Shapes

Packaging shape plays an essential role in attracting customers to buy products. So try to create a packaging that your customer will buy because of how it looks like. This is effective because people loves to take pictures of something cool and unusual to post on their social media account. For example, you are selling beauty products, create boxes on each variance that if combined will create a new shape that will showcase your products and gives more pleasing or awesome design.

  • Tones of Nature

Many people are now aware that using organic products is good for them. And that mindset created a consciousness that anything that looks like close to nature is good. That’s why packaging with a touch of plants and greenery design is attractive. You can also try using the color of woods, bamboos, and anything that has earthy tones.


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